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Team Building & Cookery Classes

The Tomato Kitchen presents Experience Sixty Seven for Corporate Team-Building Workshops

Are you looking for something that is fun packed and shared?

The Tomato kitchen invites you to a menu of fun & exciting private cookery experiences designed to highlight the fundamental of brilliant teamwork.

We have different cooking challenges designed to reward, motivate, inspire & stimulate all personalities irrespective of culinary skills.

So many team-building activities are about physical activity where the advantage lies with the fastest, fittest or the strongest. With Experience Sixty seven, everyone is a winner!

What is the secret ingredient or recipe that transforms a dish from good to great?

While racing against the clock to serve a 3-course meal to a panel of judges, we will subtly help you realise the uncanny similarities between fine recipes and highly successful teams.

Each Experience Sixty Seven challenge is tailored to produce an unbeatable teamwork, aligned passion for success, confidence building, competitiveness, handling pressure and much more.

Individuals with diverse skills, learning to work effectively with available resources and at the same time, appreciating the importance of leadership, communication & support for each other in order to reach a very clear & unambiguous outcome: the perfect dish – that’s priceless training!

What else can we offer?

As part of our activity packages, our events management team can further assist by arranging:

  • Transportation (from the Railway Station etc.)
  • Accommodation
  • DiningĀ Out
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Meeting Rooms & Conferencing

Please ask of any of the above when making your enquiry:-

  • 01908 568 121
  • 07522 954 171

-thank you!